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    Our Location

    Based on 3 continents helps us foster creativity, breadth of experience, and personal growth among our team, and it's essential to our success as an organization to able to empathize the needs from our clients

    Jakarta (Indonesia)

    Located in South Jakarta and becoming a home for more than 25 talented software engineer, analyst, Project managers, UI/UX Designer. Our office managed by western management and combined with Indonesian smile, we support open communication channels, opportunities for growth, creative work & positive relationships between managers and all employee.

    Mplus Solusi Perdana South Quarter, Tower A 18th Floor, Unit F & G Jl. R. A. Kartini Kav.8, Cilandak Jakarta Selatan JK 12430 Indonesia


    Nouméa (France)

    Open since many years, our office in the French pacific has been our main point of entry for our French customers

    17 rue Anatole France Immeuble Le Central 2 Centre Ville Nouméa


    Melbourne (Australia)

    Founded in Melbourne in 2004 by Raphael Alla, the Melbourne office is part of Mplus DNA and the base of our Australian strategic market. The team is composed of M+ Software CEO, a sales and project management team.

    3 Albert Coates Lane Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia