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MPlus assists Lion Parcel on an end-to-end basis, providing them with customized and optimal solutions for their business process. The solutions we have developed for Lion Parcel are:

  • Purchase: Control vendor bills, Purchase tenders; Requests for Quotation: Get offers for multiple items, Variants grid entry;l Manage orders: Monitor RfQ and orders, Manage incoming product; Handle product: Create products, add supplier reference, Add product variant, etc
  • Sales & Invoicing: Manage Invoices by creating customer and supplier invoices. Automated invoice (resi), making the process more efficient and effective. This reduces manual work and decreases the need for human resources.
  • Accounting: Account Receivable: Advanced Payment Terms, On flight payment reconciliation; Pay bills: Deposit tickets, Print checks, Organise payment orders Performance Report: Business Intelligence reports, Annotate any report, Customizable dashboard, etc
  • Inventory: Delivery orders, Scrap products, Inventory adjustments; Advanced Routing: Multi warehouses, Dropshipping, Cross Docking, etc; Traceability: Activity log, Perpetual valuation, Serial Number Tracking; Reporting: Dashboards, Inventory Forecast
  • Integration of Shipping Order Data (resi): From Lion Parcel (Genesis) system to Odoo using Airflow middleware

Technology: Odoo / Python

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