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Based in Singapore, StoreWise is an application for small retail stores such as Indomaret, 7eleven etc. It gives their owners an app to totally control their business (dashboard, Business intelligence tools, reporting) as well as a messaging system and task assignment. We created new features such as Label and Price Detection, by revisiting current offerings such as Issues. This allows the store owner to take a picture and allows the app to detect price and label directly. We implemented an automatic recognition of broken items. After uploading the user from the user, it will automatically detect the brand, and name of the item and store it in the database.

Technology used:

  • Python
  • Lambda function
  • AWS service
  • Google Vision
  • Cloudinary
  • chat bot
  • Text content extraction - extracting sentences in pictures
  • Detecting logo - detecting logo in pictures and the output will come out as text

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